Breaking out the punch glasses!

I got six punch glasses at The Guild Shop a while back, but haven’t broken them out yet.

All six were only a $1. One dollar! The pricing system at the Guild is kind of odd, but nice for cheap people like me. Each tag has multiple date/price pairings, dropping every couple of weeks. So if there’s something you really love you can buy it or gamble to see if it’s still there when you come back. It’s my favorite thrift shop.2014-08-23 15.39.202014-08-23 15.40.08

Anyways, I hadn’t used them yet and Saturday seemed like a perfect time to have a fancy cocktail for absolutely no reason. Or, you know, maybe your boyfriend abandoned you for the day with no warning! Here’s the recipe for my famous “He-could-be-dead-in-a-ditch-but-what-do-I-care?” sangria.

2014-08-23 15.43.44

Step 1: Find your cutest glasses. Ensure that they are so frou-frou that no man would ever drink out of them.
Step 2: Open cheap Riesling and pour as much as your glass can fit!
Step 3: Take a sip. You deserve it for your hard work.
Step 4: Add splash of fruity Italian soda that coordinates with your towels.
Step 5: (Optional) Add your favorite fruit to make yourself feel healthier than you are!

2014-08-23 15.55.34But seriously, they’re adorable, right? I’ve been storing them in a vintage fry basket from the same shopping trip. You should go check out the Guild if you’re in Houston.



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